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University of Peradeniya is a place where hundreds of students attend to get their degrees.

Prof.  Jayanthe Rajapakse has covered it with shame and blood and his accomplice Dr. Wasantha Kumara, Head  Surgeon of the Government Veterinary Hospital in Gatambe have both committed a savage butchery on innocent and defenceless dogs obtained under false pretexts from Kandy Association for
Community Protection through Animal Welfare (KACPAW) a leading Animal
Welfare organization.

Polly, Wussie and Perry left KACPAW shelter trustingly, they would live in loving homes.
They were betrayed by Prof. Rajapakse and Dr. Kumara and were subjected to despicable atrocities that only sick minds can inflict on perfectly healthy and lovely animals.

Polly, once a happy girl. She had her kidneys removed.
WHY ?????
Polly's remains
Wussie and her sadness. She had the pancreas removed.
Look at her pain and suffering
Wussie facing a life long treatment.
WHY ????
Perry, more than 30 sutures on her belly, now back in the shelter, in pain.

WHY ????

RPV Jayanthe Rajapakse (BVSc, PhD)
Professor of  Parasitology and
Head of the Department of Veterinary Pathobiology,
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine & Animal Science,
University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Dear Prof. Rajapakse

I have received your mails along with your explanation and biodata. I am afraid they make no sense.  You are not been targeted because of your national and international image , which is certainly not as credible as you would like to believe. You are being taken to task because you performed acts of unbelievable cruelty on dogs that you had procured illegally and under false pretences. The method of surgery was not just brutal but careless , as it evidenced by the gauze that you left behind in one dog.
None of the organs you removed would have helped you in your so called research on diabetes which I am surprised you are doing since you are a professor in parasitology.
All you are is a person who has been a government servant and has repeatedly taken advantage of his university and immunity in unnecessary and brutal operations under the guise of research. It is often the case with mediocre people that they hide behind papers that are neither original nor particularly outstanding in order to justify their promotions. It is a pity that you did not apply the standard that most medical doctors have to learn before they start practice - First do no harm.
I do not know whether you will get the punishment you deserve because no doubt you will try and bully your way through this and falsely accuse other people of misrepresenting facts. But the actual fact is : you have been slaughtering dogs for a long time now and this is the first time you have been caught and your " research" exposed for what it is: simply an attempt to continue to get promoted and respected by the state by taking the lives of animals without any thought or humanity. There is a parallel to this in the Germany of the 40s when it happened to helpless people as well by the state. I have no doubt that you too will try and use the might of the state to get away.
If you really want to atone for what you  done - which I doubt as your letter shows no remorse and continues to justify your action by repeating, ad nauseum , about your great services to your country and the world - I would suggest that you resign and go and follow the spirit of the Buddha whose foremost tenet was not to kill. You have not done research on these dogs - you have simply killed and killed and killed. Such is the way of the world that you have been  repeatedly rewarded for doing what we look down on in slaughterhouses. Please do not  believe that you have " brought grace" to Sri lanka. This is a land of supreme grace and dignity and you have merely shamed her by your actions

Yours sincerely

Smt. Maneka Gandhi
Member of Parliament, India

Prof. Rajapakse in a desperate attempt to try to convince MP Maneka Gandhi of his simple and plain butchery sent her a letter

Below MP, India Maneka Gandhi's response to Prof. Rajapakse
Debajo la Miembro del Parlamento Maneka Gandhi le responde
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Dear Wussie, her bile duct is obstructed, it has to be cleared and so surgery is needed. Surgery will be done on Thursday by the vets under the supervison of a leading surgeon.